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Trained from London School of Fashion in Fashion Photographic Makeup, Milli Khan is associated with a brand of unmistakable quality, exceptional skill and immense acclaim in the field of Makeup& Hair Artistry over the past 8 years. The name is also synonymous with an artist who is widely known for her exemplary talent and creativity, immeasurable integrity and genuine professionalism.

Milli’s dedicated approach to make-up as an art form stems from her own artistic background as a designer and artist. From coloring canvas and coordinating interiors to making up customers, her passion naturally led her into the colorful world of make-up.

In the course of her research, she discovered a process that can make a world of difference to anyone’s image: high definition make-up achieved by airbrushing. Seen by many as the future of make-up application, Milli mastered this precise and perfect image-making process through intensive training with Joe Sugar, a former head make-up artist for the BBC, now a top air-brush artist for Hollywood company, Dinair.

Milli offers a unique service that is specially tailored for each client’s needs, her makeup ranges from simple and natural to the more exotic Arabic and Asian style or a contemporary fusion of all three. 


The Designer

 Mixing ethnicity with modern design demands a keen eye for precision and a fair amount of creative sensibility to produce a tasteful amalgamation of these two elements, a quality that Milli possesses in abundance.

In 2003, Milli graduated as an Interior Designer from London, UK, followed by a Masters and Research in Digital Design for textiles and interiors, using her fashion background as an inspiration for textile design, interiors and home furnishings and specialize in the use of Digital Technology for print and products.

In 2004, Milli started teaching Computer Aided Design for Textiles and Interiors at London Metropolitan University and in 2005, she started her own studio based in London, UK, Lumieres Designs, which specialized in Digital Print for graphics, fashion, Interiors, and product design. She uses the inspiration she finds to coordinate a variety of elements into an integrated, harmonious whole – a world with color, texture, light, shape, and space to create the most aesthetically pleasing and functional fashion and furnishings. Her design work depicts notions on colors and forms. As a designer she carefully balances the functional, emotional, financial and aesthetic aspects of design in order to create a successful product.

Color palettesI do not follow a particular norm; instead I go by the International fashion scene and trends. As long as the design beautifully adapted, finished well, uses fine range of materials, it is rated high on the client appreciation and selling scale – color is no criteria.

BackgroundAs a designer, my journey across Asia and Europe has given me a whole new perspective of the word design. Most of us are attracted or intrigued by the East meets West synthesis. I for one have adopted this spirit in many forms, colors, smells and traditions and concentrated on embellishments, delicate and intricate embroideries and vibrancy and have developed these themes into digital art for Home Furnishings and Product Design.My range for home accessories and textiles furnishings embraces my love for traditional fashion design aspects and digital print – and above all, my constant dedication to create for our homes the most distinctive and innovative products.

Portfolio coming soon! 

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